Medical Device Services

Medical device services performed annually ensure that device operational reliability is achieved and user safety maintained. Regular maintenance is necessary and important. We have provided ISO9001:2015-certified medical device services for over 30 years. Please contact our customer service for more information or a quote.

Full range of Serviced Medical Device types

We offer medical device services for a full range of device types.
For example, we service:

  • Medical Defibrillators (used by first aid personnel and the healthcare sector)
  • Medical Diathermy Devices
  • Medical Birth Control Monitors
  • Medical Blood pressure Measurement devices
  • Medical ECG, Electrocardiograms
  • Medical Patient Monitors
  • Medical Ventilators
  • Medical Suction Devices
  • Medical Ultrasound Devices

Your device not listed? Please contact our customer service for more information or a quote.

Comprehensive range of Service Types

Our range of medical device service types includes:

  • Medical device repair service
  • Medical device maintenance service
  • Scheduled maintenance or Yearly maintenance for medical devices (PM)
  • Medical device installation service
  • Medical device validation service
  • Medical device spare parts*

*We supply and sell original medical equipment spare parts (for our range of serviced medical devices).

Please contact our customer service for more information.

Serviced Manufacturers (medical devices)

We provide ISO-certified maintenance and repair services for the following medical device manufacturers:

  • Dräger alkometers
  • Bowa diathermia
  • Bodyjet
  • Corpuls defibrillators and CPR
  • Erbe diathermia
  • Esaote ultrasound
  • LifePak defibrillators
  • Huntleigh birth control units
  • Physio Control defibrillators
  • Zoll defibrillators
  • Philips defibrillators
  • Serres suction bag emptying devices
  • Valleylab diathermia
  • And many others…

Is your device manufacturer not listed? Please contact our customer service.

Get to know medical device Intermed services

Birth control devices

Defibrillator service and repair

Ultrasound service

Diathermy service and repair

Blood Measurement device calibrations

Ambulance device service

Medical Device Services in Finland

In Finland, we offer our customers nationwide medical device services.

Our offices are located in Vantaa, Tampere, Oulu and Kuopio. This enables our service network to equally cover all of Finland.

Our good geographical coverage enables us to execute fast response times and cost effective service for every service call.

We work near our customers regardless of their location.

Medical Device Services in Nordics and Europe

We work at the Nordic Level. Our Nordic service network makes it possible for us to provide customers with the same high quality medical device services that we do in Finland, including in all the Nordic countries and throughout Europe.

So no matter where your needs are regarding medical device services, we are your one point of contact.

Cost-efficiency & Simplicity with Outsourcing

Outsourcing your in-house medical device services lets you achieve substantial annual savings in maintenance and repair costs.

You also instantly gain a Finland-wide and vigorously field tested team of factory trained service engineers.

All our service work is competitively priced and everything is done with the kind of simplicity that only comes from over 30 years of experience in field service activities.

Contract based outsourcing service gives you the best value for money, but please remember that you do not need a contract to use our services. All our services are competitively prices and available with or without a contract.

If your medical device is in need of a yearly maintenance or repair, please do not hesitate to contact us and ask for a quote. Our customer service is ready to respond to you promptly.

Medical Devices Act

The Medical devices Act (629/2010) defines the service personnel liability for performing a medical device service.

Device Electrical Safety Testing

Always when performing scheduled maintenance on medical devices, the service also includes electrical safety testing to ensure device and user safety. We use modern Fluke ESA620 safety analysers for electrical safety measurements.

Sometimes customers only want a safety check for their devices. We also offer as a sperate service product pure device electrical safety testing, inspection and condition assessments.

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