Small Medical Device Service

Small Medical Device Service is aimed for small sized laboratory and medical equipment that can be send by post. Send your device for scheduled service, calibration service or for repairs. Our experienced service engineers attend to your equipment and keep turnaround time to a minimum. Please contact our customer service for more information.

Sending instructions

1. Is the device listed in our range of serviced devices?

Before sending the device for the first time, please contact our customer service and make sure your small medical device is listed in the Intermed range of serviced devices.

2. Pack your device well

Please pack your small medical device carefully in a padded box to minimise the risk of any damage during its transport.

3. Enclose a description

Please enclose a clear description of the service required. For example, calibration service, scheduled maintenance or repair. If a repair is needed, please describe what is broken along with any possible error codes with the device.

4. Attach your contact info

Please enclose your contact information, device return address, invoicing information and any possible reference number inside the package.

Delivery address

Intermed Oy
Small Device Service
Koivulehdontie 16 b 
01510 VANTAA 

Order service

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