Sterile Processing Equipment Service

We provide a wide-range of ISO-certified maintenance services for sterile processing equipment including autoclaves, disinfectors and suction, heat sealing machines and operation bag emptying devices. Please read more about our services and contact customer service for more information or a quote.

Sterile processing equipment service - autoclaves and desinfectors

We offer a high-quality, cost-efficient and ISO9001:2015-certified service solution for sterile processing equipment. Our service offers reliability and efficiency for sterile processing devices and is truly a viable option for having your own in-house service team.

Interemed offers installations, yearly maintenance, validations, repairs for a variety of autoclaves, heat sealing devices and disinfectors. You can find an example list of the devices we service on this page.

Our service area covers all of Finland. Via the Intermed Service Network, we offer our customers certified services also in the Nordics and Europe.

Our goal is to ensure our customers the best possible and flexible technical maintenance service for their sterile processing equipment, while keeping the annual service costs under control.

Please contact Intermed customer service for more information.

Serviced Sterile Processing Equipment Devices

Our range of serviced equipment are generally located in hospitals, elderly care homes and dentist practices. Devices are usually under a specific department that takes care of sterile processing and sterile equipment cleaning.

Autoclaves service, repair and validation

Desinfectors service and repair

Suction bag emptying devices service and repair

Comprehensive selection of services

  • Sterile processing equipment maintenance service
  • Sterile processing equipment installation service
  • Sterile processing equipment repair service
  • Sterile processing equipment validation service (autoclaves)
  • Sterile processing equipment user training service (for Franke Deko desinfectors)

Please contact customer service for a quote.

Autoclave Service

Scheduled sterile processing equipment service for autoclaves includes among others:

  • Thorough operations check
  • Replacement of the necessary seals
  • Replacement of worn parts
  • Inspection of the safety valve
  • Other steps specified by the device manufacturer (when performing the scheduled service)

Intermed also provides Autoclave Validations according to the validation standards. You can book validation from our customer service desk.

The professional user of autoclaves (pressurised devices) must bear in mind that the device is placed, inspected and monitored regularly as well as according to the regulations. Depending on the use of the autoclave, regular validation may be needed.

In addition to the above-mentioned services, Intermed provides a device transfer and installation service, e.g. when moving to a new location. Please contact our customer service for more information.

List of Serviced Devices

If you need more information on the listed devices, please visit the device manufacturer’s website accordingly from the links shown below or please contact our customer service.

Serviced Heat Sealing Machines

  • Famos F110
  • Famos F108


Serviced Medical Instrument Desinfectors and Washers

Serviced Suction Bag emptying Devices

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